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School starts today at 5 pm. Am I ready?


I’ve finished my book project (though it has yet to be printed). The show is on starts on the 23rd, and the Opening is the 27th. I’m thankful that it’s finished. I’m ready to move on to another project.

I learned a lot during this whole ordeal. I’ve discovered a lot about my process, how I need to work when attempting to illustrate a comic book. But I’ve also learned that there are a great deal of things I need to work on.

Ezekiel | Book Project

Maybe everyone know this, but I’m beginning to realize that drawing comics well, like doing anything well, requires a great deal of patience and hard work in a ton of different areas, especially figure drawing. This morning, while drinking coffee, I was comparing drawing comics to dunking in basketball. There’s no simple solution to drawing well, just like there’s no simple solution to dunking on a basketball hoop 10 ft off the ground.

I imagined a 10 year old kid asking Michael Jordan how to dunk. How do you answer that? “Lots of practice?” There are so many different factors, leg strength, coordination, concentration, familiarity with the game. Dunking is icing on the cake of hard work, training, and practice. Comics are the same way. Drawing comics well is the icing on a cake of hard work, study, determination, and a crap load of practice in a variety of different areas, specifically anatomy.

So this summer I’ve been kicking my butt when it comes to figure drawing. Someday I’m going to compile a list of all the drawing resources I’ve used, how I’ve used them, and exercises I’ve done. Mostly though, I’ve been working through Andrew Loomis’ Figure Drawing for All Its Worth. Not only have I’ve read every single page, but I’ve been copying all his drawings (some multiple times).

In high school I used to think that copying anything was cheating. That someone who was truly skilled in drawing drew from his head. So, I was too arrogant (and probably lazy), to work out the figures and forms from my drawing books. But now I realize that the only way to draw something well is to know it deeply, intimately, and that can only be had through meticulous study and practice.

I thought I’d post some of the anatomy studies, as well as some jet planes.

*some of the drawings contain nudity*

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  • Very cool Trip!

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