Long Weeks

A lot has happened in the past few months. I’ve been working hard on my comics and illustration. I’m auditing a class taught by comics master David Mazzucchelli, as well as meeting bi-weekly with my Graduate Advisor, comics guru and inking god Klaus Janson. Both have been pushing me very hard. Sometimes I feel like I’m in my element, everything flowing so smoothly. Mostly though, I feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall; getting nowhere and giving myself a headache.

I hope that’s normal.

Weekend before last was New York Comic Con. I got to meet several of my favorite artists, including Sean Murphy, Kristian Donaldson, and Nathan Fox. I lugged my portfolio around, and begged reviews from them and others. I got some great feedback and encouragement.

I had the last 6 pages from my comic, Ezekiel as well as these pieces in my portfolio:

Punisher Sample | Comic Portfolio

Punisher Sample | Comic Portfolio Punisher Sample | Comic Portfolio

When I first met with Klaus, I told him one of my goals for this year was to have a competitive, professional, comics portfolio. He said he had an old punisher script lying around, so we started our conversation there, with me drawing 6 pages from the Punisher. It’s been fun, though I’m having to redraw a great deal of it.

Northlanders Sample | Comic Portfolio

This is a page from Northlanders. I think I’m going to be drawing a viking comic for my Thesis Project.

Sample | Comic Portfolio

Sample | Comic Portfolio

Sample | Comic Portfolio

After getting feedback from some people the Friday of Comicon, I decided it would be worth my time to create a couple portfolio booklets to drop off at Marvel and DC Comics. They review your stuff, and if they feel like you’re good enough, will give you a portfolio review the next day.

Sunday, Marvel seemed to think I was worthy, and I got a portfolio review from Bon Alimagno, Marvel Comic’s Talent Coordinator. He was very gracious (I know he was exhausted from the con), gave me great advice, and told me to email him in three months with new work after I had processed all the advice I got at the con.

Overall it was an incredibly encouraging experience, and I hope that I continue to improve.

But comics aren’t all I’ve been doing. Here are some illustration pieces I’ve done in the past few months:

Metamorphasis | RPC Women’s Ministry

Go Free | Blake Mankin

Putting Kids Away | Ithsmus Magazine

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  • Awesome work! The booklet looks especially nice.

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